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Unitex: Accredited Base Board Systems

The Unitex Base Board System is fully accredited and has been in use for over 30 years without issue. Unitex has always chosen to be aligned with Industry and international best practise providers of Accreditation, currently Branz and Bureau Veritas. The certifiers of Unitex systems carry out stringent audits of the Unitex products and processes […]

From Ugly Duckling, to Swan… Unitex refreshes The Block Gatwick Facade

Unitex is proud to be a major sponsor of The Block yet again for 2018.    This year, Unitex’s unique products and systems have been used to repair the badly damaged Gatwick Apartment facade, and turn it into a beautiful display of Melbourne Architecture.  With architectural mouldings, and cutting edge render/texture/sealer coatings The Gatwick will […]

Industry Leaders meet to discuss Safe Cladding in Residential Housing

Industry Leaders meet to discuss Safe Cladding in Residential Housing Melbourne’s weather came to the party when Industry stallwart, Andrew Concannon, met with industry heavyweights Russell Bielenberg (Manufacturing and Product Development Foamex Group Pty Ltd) and Justin Kelsey (General Manager Foamex Group Pty Ltd)). The group met to discuss the important issues: Media using ‘Fake […]

Unitex Base Board cladding: the quality original

Unitex Base Board cladding:  the quality original.   Pirating a dodgy copy of Game of Thrones does not compare with a legitimate original.  Similarly, shoddy substituted cladding does not compare with safe, reliable accredited Base Board systems. Base Board is not only safe, warranted and accredited, it also saves money. The ‘Grandfather of EIFS’, Andrew […]

Rendering: The Safe Cladding Option

Rendering: The Safe Cladding Option                 It was only a few years ago, when the standard method of decorating and finishing high-rise building, featured timeless renders and texturing over masonry and concrete building methods. Fast forward to the last few years, where cheap, and apparently ‘safe’ aluminium composite […]

Recent Customer Concerns  – the fallout from the London Cladding Inferno.

Recent Customer Concerns  – the fallout from the London Cladding Inferno. Given the recent horrific high-rise tower fire in London, and subsequent death toll, it is natural that builders and owners are concerned and looking into the materials used on their buildings.  A recent conversation between a Unitex customer and our Technical Director illustrates this: […]

The bitterness of poor quality

Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the initial sweetness of low price is forgotten’. In the building industry, this saying is probably most appropriate, given building a home is usually the biggest financial investment most people will make in their lifetimes. At Unitex, we hear story after story, of […]

Unitex attends Englehart Display The Kooyong

Unitex has a proud history of working with Australia’s premium builders, architects and applicators.  The long-lasting relationship between Unitex and Englehart exemplifies this, where beautiful design combines with the use of quality products. The launch of Engleharts ‘The Kooyong’ display home, sets a new standard in contemporary home designs.  The team of Director Andrew Concannon, […]

Skye United

Unitex is proud to support Skye United, in their winning season 2016. Skye United’s Coach, Billy Armour, has been a long-standing member of the Unitex Team, and continue’s to score victories on the field, and in the office.   Congratulations Skye United, and Billy!

Modern fireplace beauty!

Fireplaces can be the central focus of a home.  In the current cold snap of Melbourne, the family can sit around a toasty warm fire, and build memories. Anyone who visits this particular home, will surely have a memory of one of the most beautiful fireplaces around.  Rendered, then finished with Unitex’s hugely popular Uni-Rock […]

Iconic Columns

Iconic Columns The site at the corner of Victoria and Burnley streets, Richmond, is certainly iconic. A regular, square glass building would not do for such a location!  When the architect designed the smooth flowing curves of this building, he wanted columns that were equally custom made, curvaceous and attractive as the rest of the […]

Authorities catch up to Unitex thinking

Authorities catch up to Unitex thinking The continuing saga of high-speed building fires caused by unregulated and non-accredited cladding has been big news in Australian media, and is also causing huge headaches in the Middle East. Skyscraper after skyscraper are going up in flames, often taking less than 30 minutes to ignite top to bottom.  […]

Unitex WA Public Announcement

Public Announcement, The Unitex Granular Marble Manufacturing and Distribution Franchise agreement in Western Australia ended on 31st December 2015. Both the Franchisor, Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd of 22 Park Drive Dandenong  Victoria 3175, and Franchisee, 3 Meg.com of Unit 1 , 3Hunt St. Malaga WA 6090 have agreed that from the above date 3Meg.com […]

Unitex teams up with local know-how for iconic Temple

When a local Buddhist Temple wanted to expand, and create a new landmark in the Springvale area, their builder turned to Unitex expertise to create bespoke moulds, custom designed and made in Unitex Head Office, Dandenong. Working closely with the building team, the owners, and Unitex’s network of installers, the plan came together and the […]

Unitex faithfully recreates custom architectural mouldings for Newport Church.

Author: Nate Ward, Digital Marketing Manager, Unitex. As reported by ABC News, a historic church in Newport was damaged by strong winds: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-01/damaged-church-in-newport-2jpg/4991670 A local resident had booked in a wedding at the church, which has been used by her family for three generations.  With only weeks until the wedding, the bride to be was […]

Spotlight is on non-accredited Cladding: Disaster for the Australian Building Industry.

Spotlight is on non-accredited Cladding: Disaster for the Australian Building Industry. We have all seen the recent headlines and read the reports of disastrous construction events caused by non-accredited and non-compliant cladding, leaving both resident and developer in a legal minefield. Whilst we at Unitex empathise with the victims in these reports, we have long […]

Englehart homes utilises Unitex product range for Australia’s most awarded Display Home.

  Englehart together with Unitex has achieved some of Australia’s most prestigious and award winning homes. But none quite like La Provence, Australia’s most awarded display home. Unitex are proud of the multi awards that this display home for Englehart has achieved and would like to extend congratulations and thanks to Englehart and Lucas Morris […]

Superior systems, superior service and now a superior website – Unitex sets the path again!

Unitex has launched what is set to be the most functional and engaging website for its’ customers, and the broader market, that has ever been seen in the Australian building manufacturing industry, adding to its’ already superior service and product offering.   Unitex National Sales & Marketing Director, Siska Concannon explains that “the website has […]

Unitex and Revit – the perfect partnership

Unitex has recently launched its’ superior range of Architectural Mouldings and Columns, as well as the Australian markets’ highly accredited cladding system, the Unitex Baseboard System, onto the market leading Architectural 3D modelling software – Revit.   As the market leader in Architectural Mouldings and Columns, Unitex through Revit has provided the Architectural and Building […]

December, Deregulation and Dust

Author: Siska Concannon, Marketing Manager, Unitex. Is it really that time of year again? Ensue headache…why not, may as well start early. In case you thought otherwise, I’m not even talking about Christmas. It’s that time of year when people are either winding down or beyond manic, more so the latter these days. Being in […]

To Renovate or Sell…That is the question

Author: Siska Concannon, Marketing Manager, Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd Whether it is where Australians work, shop, play or live the Building and Construction Industry performs an integral role in Australia’s economic development and is highly responsive to trends in the business cycle and household spending. With manufacturing constituting 8.75% of the Australian workforce, third […]

The WOW Factor

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend one of the biggest horse racing events on the Australian calendar – Melbourne Cup. Now, there are not many out there (possibly slightly more females than males) that have left organizing their ‘look’ till now…alas I fall into that minority. Whilst on any other occasion this […]

Carbon Tax…and Underground Homes

After watching what could only be the 1,000,000th repeat of Roland Emmerich’s ‘Independence Day’ it got me thinking about our little planet and the possibility of having to live in bunkers to escape evil alien spawns. Not really, but it did get me thinking about what future we are leaving our children and our children’s children. […]