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Unitex Base Coat Renders

With Unitex Renders and Surface Finished Coatings your walls are our pride. Unitex products range from high-build lightweight pre-mixed dry powder-based renders to the smoothest fine skim coats.

Every product has proven technological advances in acrylic polymer modification and functional additives. All Unitex Renders & Finishes have high-impact strength combined with excellent adherence to well bound, dry, sound, and laitance-free surfaces. All Unitex Acyrlic Renders & Finishes are formulated to specific substrate requirements. All are easy to apply by spray, trowel, or roller.  Many of the renders utilise recycled materials that enhance the benefits but don’t compromise performance, because at Unitex protecting our environment is at the cornerstone of our product development.

Uni-Cote™ Acrylic Polymer Renders by Unitex® are designed to be applied over surfaces including new or old brickwork, FRC sheeting, blockwork, precast panels or applications where patching, levelling or filling render is required. Base renders should always be over coated with a finish coat from the Unitex Applied Finish range.  All Unitex Base Renders have high impact strength combined with excellent adherence to well bound surfaces. With such a broad spectrum of solutions available for your façade, the only problem our customers are faced with is which Unitex Render & Finishing System to use.

Unitex products should be used in accordance with directions which are only a guide. Unitex accepts no responsibility for inappropriate use or faulty workmanship. All mineral earth based aggregate / course filler renders and textures will contain a low percentage of carbon and / or ferrous contaminants and can occasionally spot the surface. All care is taken in raw material selection to minimise such effects. Unitex accepts no responsibility for this occasional occurrence.

To help you find the best solution for your project, choose the substrate you will be working with below, and follow up with the appropriate Unitex Finishing System.

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Unitex Render FAQs

Does the system need experienced trades people to install it?2018-06-15T12:03:14+10:00

Yes, Unitex recommends that Uni-EIFS systems are only installed by an experienced Trades person. Unitex can arrange for a local recommended Trades person to quote and carry out the installation or Unitex also offers a plan and on site quoting service for the customer’s peace of mind. Unitex installation manuals and Guidelines are also available on our website for your own understanding of the process. Unitex Technical Sales Representatives are also available for technical support and site inspections.

How do I know if the applicator has done it to the Unitex specifications?2018-06-15T12:02:56+10:00

The Unitex EIFS Technical manual and all instructions required is on the Unitex website, or please contact Unitex and our experienced Technical Sales Rep will check the purchase records and if needed will attend an onsite inspection.

Does my builder have on-site technical support from Unitex?2018-06-15T12:02:15+10:00

Most certainly! The Unitex Technical Sales Force will spend time on site with our valued customers to achieve the best from our products for your project.

Is it warranted and how long will it last (is it maintenance free)?2018-06-15T12:00:38+10:00

Unitex has been manufacturing defect free EIFS products/systems for approximately 27 years defect free. Andrew Concannon, MD of Unitex states ‘because of this, we know Unitex EIFS systems are still ‘good as gold’ after 27 years. I know from my training in Europe 37 years ago that EIFS in Europe and America are now over 48 years in continual use for externally insulating and protecting building structures.’ The Unitex Speciality Render and Surface Applied Coating System when applied as per manual is maintenance free. However, for a decorative look, or for a fresh look (if so desired) it can be touched up (repainted) if required after 7-8 years.

What if my building moves, and cracks – can it be repaired?2018-06-15T12:00:07+10:00

Yes, and Unitex will advise on best method of repair. Good building practice and regular installation of expansion joints around the perimeter will in general negate most minor frame movement issues.

What is the lead-time from order to delivery?2018-06-15T11:56:51+10:00

Orders within Victoria are generally filled and delivered within 48 hours. NSW and other states (including local Unitex Stockists) are generally within 5 working days.

Can I render over painted brickwork?2018-06-15T11:56:08+10:00

Yes. If the paint is well bound and not flaking, peeling, bubbling etc. The recommended key coat is Unitex Polymer Render as it is a render designed to adhere to difficult substrates such as strongly adhering paint. As always, ensure the surface is dry, clean and free of oils, dust, dirt etc before applying. Test with a sharp knife, using the “Cross-hatch Method” (see Unitex.)  If greater than 15% pull off and remove all loose and poorly adhering paint prior to coating.

How long after I apply a Unitex base coat render should I begin floating?2018-06-15T11:55:47+10:00

Drying times of renders varies enormously depending on weather, wind, the substrate being applied over and how thick the render is applied. There is therefore no simple answer to this question. After applying a small section of render to a wall, attempt floating as rapidly as possible before render dries. If the render sticks to your float and or peels off from the wall, it is too wet and not ready for floating. Continue applying render and checking as you go.

What type of float do I use for Unitex texture?2018-06-15T11:53:04+10:00

Texture should be floated with a plastic texture float (typically red) available from Unitex and URW.

How many coats of Unitex render do I need to apply prior to applying Unitex texture?2018-06-15T11:52:20+10:00

This depends on the substrate. But you need to apply as many coats of render as needed to achieve a true and level and smooth sponged surface acceptable for the final surface applied finish and paint coats.

Note: keying coats are generally 1 to 3 millimetres thick.  Build levelling coats are generally 5 to 10 millimetres. And sponge float finishes are generally 1 to 2 millimetres.

How long after I have applied the Unitex render base coat can I apply the Unitex texture?2018-06-15T11:51:59+10:00

A minimum of 72 hours between these coats in average dry temperatures, however this can be up to 7 days in cold, wet, and wintery conditions, and is obviously weather and render thickness dependant. Render will obviously take longer to dry the thicker it is applied, and the cooler the conditions. Unitex recommends a substrate must be dried to a minimum WME 12% (Wood Moisture Equivalent – moisture meter) prior to applying the Unitex texture coats.

How long after I apply texture should I start to float it?2018-06-15T11:51:36+10:00

Drying times of texture varies enormously depending on weather, wind and the substrate being applied over. There is no simple answer to this question, except to say in most instances of broad wall application the ‘Finisher Applicator’ (2nd or 3rd Applicator) is following closely behind the ‘Texture Applicator’. Customers require a consistent uniform finish and it is advisable that the experienced applicator time his/her trowelling to deliver a consistent tear free surface.

When applying texture there should always be a minimum of two people, one person applying and another floating. Texture can dry quickly and care must be taken to avoid having to re-coat.


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