The Big Issue: Building Cladding Compliance

The current and ongoing furore concerning Non-Compliant Cladding is of great concern on High-Rise Buildings.


The Age

Friday July 2019

Construction Confidence plummets – Author Clay Lucas

‘…pursue nationally consistent building standards, amid the flammable cladding crisis…’

‘The meeting resulted in ministers agreeing that the Australian Building Codes Board – the body that sets the National Construction Code, which helps guide builders, would be expanded and better resourced…’


This issue is currently limited to Class 2 – 9 Buildings clad with Aluminium Composite Panels, not Class 1 and 10 type Standalone Residential or Duplex residential Construction.  The Building Industry and System suppliers in the Residential Dwelling space (Class1 and 10) must also prepare for non-compliance ramifications.

The official way to follow regulations is to only use current 2019 BCA/NCC Compliant Cladding Systems as controlled by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB).

Most Cladding systems are not covered by Australian Standards.

These are only covered by the terminology, ‘Deemed to Satisfy (DtS)’, which can only be compliant by ABCB approved third party Accreditation Authorities who are generally licenced to provide such Approvals for use.

In the Australian Construction Industry, the acceptable accreditation must generally be System based not Product based.  The Accreditation Process is controlled by The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) with Codemark Certificates of Conformity.  The ABCB/JAS-ANZ Accredits Certification Bodies such as BRANZ and Bureau Veritas to test companies and their products/systems for Compliance and Conformance.

Locally in Victoria we are also fortunate that the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), Accredits DtS Building Systems considered as Conforming by the VBA issued BRAC Certificate.

Unitex is a leading Australian manufacturer of various façade products and systems, including the Unitex Base Board Rendered External Insulation Finishing System and has done so for over 35 Years.

The Unitex Cladding System, called Base Board System is Compliant to BCA/NCC with BUREAU VERITAS, BRANZ and BRAC (see Unitex Certificates:

As such the Unitex Base Board System completed on site (such as your Home), to Certified Specifications, for Building types and Location, is fully able by Legislation to be acceptable to our Building Surveyors Nationally.

As a local Australian quality Manufacturer, Unitex has long ago accepted the need for and expense of Accreditation and yearly audits of all Base Board Production Systems, Laboratory testing, products quality and staff processes.

For Customer confidence Unitex Site Installation Systems are also yearly Audited by both BRANZ and BUREAU VERITAS.

So, for the ultimate APPROVED AND ACCREDITED external insulation (Rv 2.6 for 75mm), for Protected Weatherproof Walls (Unitex Render Systems 35 years history on Australian Homes), and for Bushfire Attack levels 29 for standard and extra protection up to BAL40 available, the Unitex Base Board Systems are unmatched.

Do not hesitate to specify, use and recommend the leading Codemark Accredited, lightweight cladding system, Unitex Base Board.

Concerning fire issues

  • Standard Base Board Systems is compliant to Bushfire Attack Level 29
  • A Base Board System is available compliant to Bushfire Attack Level 40
  • Base Board System tested and passed Australian Standard AS1530.3

Note: 1530.3 Spread of flames: 0, Heat evolved: 0, Ignitability: 0, Smoke developed: 3

  • AS1530.3 compliant products/systems are considered approved construction products under Australian standards.

The Unitex Baseboard System complies with the above tests and requirements, and is approved for use in building class’ 1 and 10 when used in accordance with Unitex specifications.

If you would like further details or information, please contact our Technical Director Andrew Concannon or National Sales Manager Luke Molloy on 03 9768 4900.

For insurance or compliance queries, please refer your provider to this article, or contact Unitex directly.

Unitex will release regular statements as the non-compliant cladding situation evolves.