No airborne nasties!

The clean air we all breathe is something we have in common. Whether it be cutting down on C02 emissions, or the public risk of second-hand smoke, keeping the air clean is important. Especially in and around the places we spend a lot of time – homes and workplaces.

One area where Unitex leads the way, is a range of zero VOC renders and textures.

What are VOC’s? VOC’s are Volatile Organic Compounds, carbon-based chemicals that easily evaporate at room temperature. Different VOC’s have different health effects, ranging from highly toxic, to less dangerous. Even breathing low levels of VOC’s for long periods of time may increase one’s risk of health problems. Those of us with breathing issues such as asthma may be particularly at risk with VOC emissions. Typically, wall coatings take 1-3 days to dry, releasing VOC’s. With a large percentage of new and renovated buildings being rendered, this presents a potential hazard for young children, and those most at risk. Architectural Surface Coatings, such as paints and surface applied coatings, make up 6% of all VOC emissions in Australia. *Source:

While competitors spruik ‘low’, or ‘very low’ VOC paints and textures, Unitex manufacture a range of zero VOC renders and textures. Better for the environment, and better for your health.

• Use in commercial and residential applications
• No fumes or off gassing
• Long term substrate protection
• User friendly
• Unique colour-tintable zero-VOC texture
• Interior or Exterior use
• High performance

Choosing a zero VOC option, does not reduce the performance of that product. Unitex produces an excellent range of dry powder renders, textures and finishes. The only emission – water, not VOC’s. Unitex dry renders are all zero VOC’s, and are recognised as industry leading. Unitex also manufactures Uni-Rock, a polished concrete finish, Veneto, a natural mineral finish, and Redi-Texture, which can be tinted in a range of colours.

Zero-VOC products are safe to use inside, in high-traffic areas, and the only ingredient added? Water.

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