An update on Unitex Australia’s operations throughout stage 4 restrictions

As the effects of COVID-19 ripple across Victoria, people and businesses are attempting to adapt as best they can. For many businesses, stage 4 restrictions have resulted in a temporary shutdown, and the overall economic impact of these restrictions has been severe. Unitex Australia is fortunate to announce that we are able to remain open during stage 4 restrictions, with some changes to our operation.

At all Unitex sites in Victoria, it’s vital that masks are worn, hands are sanitized and distancing is maintained, in line with government orders. It’s crucial that we follow these rules as a community if we are to get to the other side of this pandemic as quickly as possible. To further assist in this, Unitex is proud to introduce it’s click & collect program. Beginning next week, all orders from Unitex Dandenong or Unitex Oakleigh must be placed online, over the phone or via email, so that they can be packed in advance. When a customer is ready to pick-up, they will visit a Unitex site and remain in their vehicle while a Unitex employee brings out their order. This will minimize contact and ensure that both parties are as safe as can be.

We hope that these precautions can provide some piece of mind to our valued customer base. At Unitex, the safety of our customers, our staff, and the wider community is our biggest priority.

Click here for more information and advice on the COVID-19 outbreak in Australia.

Contact and order details:
Unitex Dandenong: (03) 9768 4900
Unitex Oakleigh: 1800 RENDER
Sales Email:
To enquire online, use the “contact us” form located at the bottom of this page.