Achieving Fire Performance in Heritage Projects – While Maintaining Aesthetics

In the recent article on Architecture and Design –…/achieving-fire-p… – the very real issue of fire performance in heritage listed projects is discussed.

For the purposes of Fire Performance, there are two types of structures – Historically significant, and those that are not.

New and Existing buildings that are not historically significant, for example, a supermarket, require properly specified and installed Fire Rated systems, however this is purely a matter of financial and safety concerns, for owners, builders and specifiers. For Historically Significant buildings, another aspect is also involved, maintaining the aesthetics of the building accurately, whilst still maintaining fire protection.

Australia has a rich history of building design, as is immediately evident when one travels through any major city. From intricate churches, to homes, to pubs and commercial buildings, one thing they all have in common. Eventually they will need repairs or extensions. Heritage Listings are designed to maintain the aesthetics and cultural importance of Historically Significant buildings.

Unitex has for decades, been the leader in Profiles and Columns, including for Heritage Listed projects. With un-rivalled in-house expertise, with combined 50+ years’ experience, Unitex are known throughout the building industry for exceptionally high quality Profiles, coatings and cladding.

Long known for Cladding systems available up to BAL-40 rating, Unitex have recently had the range of Uni-Shape Profiles fire rated, achieving a ‘Not Combustible’ result. (Testing Certificate available upon request). With a huge range of stock Profiles, and in-house expertise in reproducing Heritage Profiles and features, Unitex are the natural choice for Heritage Listed, Historically significant facades, now also with the peace of mind of Non Combustibility.

Do you have a Heritage Listed project you would like to discuss with Unitex? Contact us at, or 1800 RENDER.

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