Designed for application over clean brickwork, blockwork and AAC Panels. It is available in medium grade and used for 1 coat application to thicknesses of skim coat to 10mm.

Can be finished to a tight and smooth surface. Easy to use for all skill levels.

Product size: 20kg bags
Coverage: 4-7m2
Substrate suitability: AAC Panels, New Bricks, Old Bricks, Cement Block
Application tools: Spray or Trowel
Dry time: Minimum 72 hours after application, and ensure fully cured (12% WME or less) before overcoated with Unitex Texture
Safe Use: Refer to the MSDS


Application & Fixing Guide



Size: 20kg bags

Coverage: 4-7m2

Suitable for: AAC Panels, New Bricks, Old Bricks, Cement Block,

Apply with: Trowel

Safe Use: Refer to the MSDS 

Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render is a premium product specially formulated to be applied as a single coat over AAC Panels with optimum workability, ease of application and long open time, so easy that you can relax as you work, and able to close over readily when floated. Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render is suitable for covering all sound AAC Panels, and can also be used over dry masonry surfaces such as brickwork and concrete blockwork. It performs the function of leveling and protecting AAC Panel and masonarywalls.

Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render is cement based and polymer modified for strong adhesion to sound AAC Panel surfaces. Uni–Dry Cote® Aero Render is applied directly onto clean, dust and debris-free, dry and cured AAC Panel surfaces by trowel before being rubbed up to a true and even surface with a float. This product is workable at varying thicknesses from 2 to 4 mm.

Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render can be simply overcoated with any of the range of Unitex Applied Finishes coating systems such as factory tinted Uni-Trowel Décor 888 liquid texture or neutral Uni-Cote® 855 blended dry powder texture and after the texture coat is dry, a suitable factory tinted topcoat such as Uni-PTC can be applied.

Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render is supplied in ready-to-use 20 kg bags. Each bag allows up to 15 litres of wet render to be prepared by mixing the bag contents with approximately 4-5 litres of clean water and drilling for homogeneity.

Coverage per bag depends on the desired thickness of the render and at low build thicknesses of 3 mm covers approx. 5 m².

Condition of Substrate

Before application of any render, the surface must be clean, dry, cured and free of any dust and debris. This means that any loose or damaged substrate must be removed, or patched and repaired and any moisture must also evaporate out prior to application of Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render.

The substrate surface must also be cleaned free of any grease, oils, scaling laitance, efflorescence, form-oil compounds, mould, fungi, rust, dirt, dust or any other foreign matter. Pre-painted surfaces must be either tested for adhesion² or wire-brushed back to the bare substrate.  Some difficult surfaces may require a render pre-treatment.

It is the responsibility of the Builder or Head Contractor to make good any substrate to be acceptable before the next coat is applied. If in doubt, contact Unitex for advice and a site inspection visit by a Technical Sales Representative.

Adequate expansion joints are required to minimise cracking on the surface of the render. Location of the expansion joints is also the responsibility of the Builder or Head Contractor. Unitex recommends regular expansion joints to every elevation, between different substrates and between floor levels, to allow for building movements.

If such expansion joints are not provided by the Builder or Head Contractor, cracking due to movement of the substrate may occur. This is in no way indicative of faulty material. Rather it indicates sub-standard building practice.

Adding Water

Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render products are dry powder based products. This means that you are getting a 100% active product. All that is required is for clean water to be mixed in, on site, immediately prior to application to the substrate.

The recommended starting point is to add approx. 25% by volume (based on the amount of powder render to be used), of water into a clean container (approx 4 litres per bag). Then slowly add the powder, with drill mixing, until the desired slump (lump-free consistency) is achieved.


In dry, mild conditions, Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render should be dry after 72 hours after application. When dry, Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render can be overcoated with a texture from the Unitex Applied Finishes range. With certain site conditions such as shaded areas, lower temperatures or high humidity, curing of the render may take longer, even up to 7-10 days. Prior to overcoating with Unitex texture, base coat must achieve a minimum of 12% WME. Always check the weather forecast before applying renders to masonry surfaces as rain, especially within the first 8 hours after application, has a tendency to damage and weaken the render or at best, leave water marks. Heavy rain at any time during the initial 2-3 weeks may leave water marks on the surface. Should rain damage occur, the render integrity and adhesion must be checked, and any necessary repairs carried out and then allowed to fully dry prior to allowing Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render to be overcoated.

Both frosty conditions and excessively high temperatures should be avoided. Unitex recommends applying Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render in temperatures greater than 8ºC and less than 30ºC. Should hot and windy conditions be encountered after commencing rendering, dampen the substrate with water. Do not apply render until the “wet” look has receded and the surface has absorbed the free water. This will enable Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render to remain as workable as it is in milder conditions.

Unitex® Uni-Dry Cote® Aero Render:

  • Premium render that offers greater efficiencies to applicators such as moving the scaffolding much less
  • Trowels on easily.
  • Long open time
  • Improved workability and finishes off without holes or tearing
  • Is polymer–modified for strong adhesion to masonry surfaces
  • Just Add Water– less margin for errors
  • Is render machine pumpable
  • After drying can be overcoated with Unitex Applied Textures
  • Consistent quality

Guide to Good Mixing Consistency

  1. Add the contents of the bag slowly to 4 litres of water (25% volume of entire bag) with vigorous drill mixing to ensure a lump free render of required slump.
  2. The mix can be later water thinned to required viscosity
  3. Ensure wall surface is stable, clean, dry and free of dust, etc., prior to application.
  4. For difficult masonry and non-masonry surfaces contact Unitex for product and surface preparation advice.
Product size: 20kg bags
Coverage: 4-7m2
Substrate suitability: AAC Panels, New Bricks, Old Bricks, Cement Block
Application tools: Trowel
Dry time: Minimum 72 hours after application, and ensure fully cured before overcoated with Unitex Texture
Safe Use: Refer to the SDS