Unitex Base Board cladding:  the quality original.


Pirating a dodgy copy of Game of Thrones does not compare with a legitimate original.  Similarly, shoddy substituted cladding does not compare with safe, reliable accredited Base Board systems.

Base Board is not only safe, warranted and accredited, it also saves money.

The ‘Grandfather of EIFS’, Andrew Concannon, who introduced Polystyrene EIFS cladding to Australia, comments; “Base Board cladding is safe.  I have it on my own home, and have for 30 years.”

“Base Board systems are popular for many reasons, but one stands out.  Money.  Base Board systems save energy costs, keeping properties warm in winter, and cooler in summer.”

“Tradespeople who substitute quality, accredited systems with cheap substandard imported products are endangering the property owner physically and financially.”

Unitex Base Board is Australian made, the most highly accredited EIFS cladding system available.

With over three decades of fault-free history in Australia, Unitex warrants and signs off each Base Board project.  Polystyrene cladding has a defect free history of over 50 years internationally, when installed and used correctly. 

With an accredited, complete Base Board system, you are safe as houses.