Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the initial sweetness of low price is forgotten’. In the building industry, this saying is probably most appropriate, given building a home is usually the biggest financial investment most people will make in their lifetimes.

At Unitex, we hear story after story, of people sold inferior products at prices slightly below Unitex’s and told “She’ll be right mate”. Well, there is a reason why Unitex has seen competitors come and go, and itself stood the test of time. Just like our products.

An example of the dangers to builders, specifiers and home-owners came to light recently. Approximately 12 years ago, a project had Unitex’s industry leading mouldings specified. They were delivered on site ready for installation and then rejected suddenly without payment. This was concerning at the time, and Unitex staff guessed at reasoning behind this decision. Was it a change of design by the home owner at the last moment? Was it a competitor coming in at a cheaper rate last minute? They were left wondering!

More recently, Unitex were sent photo’s of the now extremely defective site, with mouldings falling apart and cracking. The poor home-owner had a nightmare on their hands! They came to us saying “These are Unitex Moulds!” The home owner, had been assured that their pride and joy had the high-quality Unitex moulds installed, however a substitute product had been used! The builder had chosen sub-standard cheaper products and tried to pass these off as Unitex products to the owner.

The supplier of the defective mouldings has long closed its doors, and gone disappeared, rendering any warranty supplied or implied, worthless. The home-owner is now left with a house covered in broken and cracked mouldings. The cost for removal and replacement will be approximately 4 times the initial cost of the initially specified Unitex Mouldings of 12 years ago!

There really is no substitute for quality, and when talking about a building that needs to stand the test of time, it makes sense to use quality materials that are designed and proven to last.
‘The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the initial sweetness of low price is forgotten’.