Unitex® Cembond Substrate SealerApply direct from pail onto absorbing surfaces to correctly seal and bind the surface (more than less is highly recommended). Coverage varies according to absorbency of substrate. When touch dry follow with the complete, as specified, Unitex system.

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Size: 15L pail

Coverage: 50-70m2 (depending on substrate absorbency) 30-40m2 for AAC substrates

Suitable for: All absorbent masonry surfaces

Apply with: Roller and Spray

Safe Use: Refer to the MSDS

Unitex® Cembond Substrate Sealer is a substrate conditioning treatment and is based on a pure acrylic polymer in a water emulsion specifically formulated for compatibility in the highly alkaline cement environment as a sealer or for cement modification.

Unitex® Cembond Substrate Sealer is applied to porous masonry surfaces to even out and reduce the porosity (absorption) and create a seal for the later applied coats. This ensures improved adhesion between layers, improved durability of later coats, and evenness of the coating system.

Unitex® Cembond Substrate Sealer is supplied in ready-to-use 15L pails.

Site Requirements:

  • Provide complete system in-situ sample for Architect and Builder approval
  • Apply only onto clean and dry masonry surfaces
  • Mask up all adjoining surfaces, windows, and non-masonry works
  • Seal into expansion joints
  • Over less absorbent surfaces best applied by medium Nap roller
  • Spray apply over very absorbent surfaces (AAC panel)
  • Must be over coated in all systems

Product Performance and Application

Unitex® Cembond Substrate Sealer is for exterior and interior use and offers resistance to early hydrolysis and rain penetration into the substrate. Unitex® Cembond Substrate Sealer can absorb up to 5mm into very porous surfaces.

Unitex® Cembond Substrate Sealer is compatible with all Unitex® acrylic renders and surface applied coatings.

When applying Unitex® Cembond Substrate Sealer please consider the following:

  • Apply between 100C and 350C ambient temperature
  • Allow 2 hour drying time before top coating in Summer, and 4 hours in Winter
  • Generally 1 coat is required (or more if substrate is not fully sealed)
  • Roller and spray applied
  • Use water if thinning product is required, and in cleaning tools

Slows the drying of the subsequent coat and to be a consideration when rain and cooler conditions is a possibility

Product size: 15L pail
Coverage: 50-70m2 (depending on substrate absorbency) 30-40m2 for AAC substrates
Substrate suitability: All absorbent masonry surfaces
Application tools: Roller and Spray
Dry time: Minimum 72 hours at standard conditions (25 degrees celcius and 50% humidty), after application
Safe Use: Refer to the MSDS