BRAC Accreditation confirms Unitex Base Board’s performance is watertight.

Unitex® is one of the first Australian companies to receive a ‘complete as installed’ BRAC accreditation for their Unitex Base Board EIFS cladding system. Awarded by the Building Commission of Victoria last month, this accreditation further reassures builders and homeowners that the Unitex EIFS cladding system provides the highest protection and performance, guaranteed.

The Unitex Base Board system, part of the Uni-EIFS range, is a low build insulation cladding system made locally by applying a specially formulated polymer render coating and reinforced AR/FG Mesh to EPS panels. The panels are then finished with Unitex Specialty Render and Unitex Applied Texture Coatings.

This of course is not the first accreditation awarded to the Unitex EIFS system. Unitex started this process 15 years ago with an ABSAC (CSIRO) accreditation for their Brennar Insulation Panels. Five years later, with CSIRO appraisals, the Unitex TWS system was similarly awarded a CSIRO appraisal. Now, 10 years later Unitex has been awarded BRAC accreditation from the Building Commission of Victoria. Further certifications are currently in progress for National accreditation via CodeMark.

When asked to comment on what the BRAC accreditation means to Unitex, Managing Director, Andrew Concannon said “What it means for our customers is that Building Surveyors can sign off projects incorporating the Unitex system with risk-free confidence. For the Builder and Home Owner they can be confident that the Unitex EIFS system delivers on its promises, because someone else said so!”

Unitex has a strong reputation for quality and in 27 years of supplying Unitex Base Board for projects they have not had a single claim against their 7-year guarantee. With over 5 million square metres of external walls in Australian homes and commercial projects protected from this country’s harsh, seasonal weather conditions by Unitex, that’s reassuring indeed.