Uni-IB Board


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Uni-IB Board

polystyrene cladding melbourne

The Unitex Uni-IB Board System, to equate to the Unitex Uni-Base Board System once installed, is to be first pre-coated with Unitex Polymer Render (with added 5% cement) which is applied with a Notch Trowel to a minimum depth of 3mm, and embedded Unitex Uni-Mesh IM. This is to achieve the Unitex Uni-Base Board which is then followed with all the system requirements to achieve the Unitex Uni-Base Board System (using the relevant Uni-Unitex Base Board System manual) for warranty (refer to Technical Manual for installation).

For your copy of the Building Surveyors Checklist Flipbook, please contact your Unitex Technical Sales Representative or Unitex Marketing. Or view online here.


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Download the Unitex Uni-Base Board System Brochure here.

Download the Unitex Uni-Base Board System Installation Manual here.