Project Description

Beaumaris Hotel:  History restored with Unitex

It was a brief respite from windy and rainy Melbourne weather, and boy, did the sun come out!  Driving up Beach Road to Beaumaris, the glorious shining white hotel stood out from the scenery.

The Beaumaris Hotel has a long history, originally known as the Great Southern Hotel was first built in 1888, and opened in 1889, as a seaside resort.  It was renamed in the 1920’s to the Beaumaris Hotel.  The original building burnt down in bushfires in 1944, and was rebuilt again 6 years later and until recently, aged slowly over the past 60 years.

Until recently.

As I parked and took in the façade of the Hotel, I remembered one of the great things about living in The Most Liveable City, Melbourne.  The mix of heritage buildings, and modern.  Losing a building like this would be a shame, given the intricate design, and outstanding architecture.  Luckily, about 60% of the original building has been restored, and converted into 58 apartments.  The most obvious aspect are the eye-catching verandahs stretching along most of the frontage.  The façade, created with Unitex Uni-Shape Mouldings, is in a word, inspiring!  You can stand, look and just take in all the intricacies.  Modern designs can be elegant, but as they say ‘they just don’t build them like this anymore’.  Well, actually, some do.

Whilst design trends have gone through phases, the demand for Unitex’s huge range of Mouldings & Profiles has gone from strength to strength.  Unitex is proud to be the company of choice to Australia’s best architects, builders, and installers of high-quality mouldings.  Unitex has literally hundreds of profiles and column designs, but often work with building designers and architects to create one off bespoke items, or to accurately match historical shapes.  Unitex’s in-house design specialists work throughout the entire building process to ensure the designs work together to create something special, like this Beaumaris Hotel revamp.

With such a huge variety of design styles in vogue in Melbourne, Unitex’s Mouldings & Columns division are the busiest they have ever been.

When you see what can be produced, in a comparatively short time frame, its no little wonder why.