New Unitex Website Launched!

Unitex is proud to launch the new website for 2013. With product ratings, online forums, and product libraries, Unitex extends its lead in providing cutting edge building solutions. Contact our team to discuss your project requirements!

New Unitex Website Launched!2014-05-12T10:28:47+10:00

Unitex acquires The Render Warehouse

The Render Warehouse which has been recognised by Applicators as a quality partner and supplier of render products has unfortunately gone into liquidation. With the assets and brand having been purchased out of liquidation by Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd. We wish to assure all customers that it will be business as usual for both [...]

Unitex acquires The Render Warehouse2014-05-12T10:26:59+10:00

Q&A interview on BRAC Accreditation

Q&A with: (above right) Andrew Concannon, Unitex Managing Director and (above left) Peter Roberts, Unitex Research & Development Manager. Interviewed by: Sally Parrott, Freelance Writer. What makes Unitex Base Board ‘waterproof’ – is it the Unitex Polymer Render, the Uniflex membrane, the Uni-shape sealant used to seal joints, Adhesive foam to sheet the junctions....Or is [...]

Q&A interview on BRAC Accreditation2014-05-12T10:25:03+10:00

Unitex Base Board BRANZ accreditation

Unitex®, Australia’s first manufacturer of EIFS (External Insulating Finishing Systems), is proud to announce that they have been awarded BRANZ accreditation for the impressive Unitex Base Board Cavity System. BRANZ Appraisals are independent and unbiased assessments of building products, materials and systems. Products are assessed for Building Code compliance and fitness for purpose. As well [...]

Unitex Base Board BRANZ accreditation2014-05-12T10:23:25+10:00