Introducing the patent-protected Unitex Uni-Shape Window Reveal System. The complete Unitex® Uni-Shape® Window Reveal System is completely pre-fabricated and delivered to site ready to simply slip snugly around your window frame. It is installed in a matter of seconds, and then simply screw-fixed to the wall substrate and sealed. A unique Unitex® system that will save you over 90% on labour time on site.

Using the Unitex fixing accessories of Packers, Class 3 nylon anchors, Unitex® Uni-Shape® Sealant, and Unitex UPC200 Patching Putty the installation can be carried out. Once the Unitex® Uni-Shape® Window Reveal System is in place and true & level (using Packers), pre-drill and fix with nylon anchors to masonry (or Class 3 screws to sub-frame in Unitex Base Board System). Clean away all dust and debris, and use Unitex Uni-Shape Sealant to seal around rear of perimeter to substrate. Job done!

NOTE: With installation, leave a 30mm gap between window frame and masonry or lightweight substrate walling.

Please provide Unitex with external window measurements (ie height by width) for exact prefabrication. Place your order online at or, or email For further information on compatibility with your window specifications and further measurements, please contact our experienced Technical Sales Team on +61 (0)3 9768 4900.


Window Sill with Reveal Template