URW Golden Trowel Use of Submitted Images Terms and Conditions


By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, I hereby acknowledge the photographs/images I have uploaded onto the Unitex website, for the Unitex Golden Trowel 2014 Awards, have been approved/sighted by me and that I consent to:

(1) The Images being displayed on www.unitex.com.au, and possibly for future advertising purposes

(2) Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd holding copyright of the photographs for the purposes of;

(a) The images being used by the Unitex Granular Marble only. Possible publications include newsletters, training manuals, reports, brochures, posters, displays and our website.
(b) in print publications, on the World Wide Web, and/or for promotional
purposes; and/or
(c) for purposes related to the activities, programs and services of Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd:


Please note: Any identifying features, such as street numbers, signs, or names, will be removed from photographs used.  Please contact Unitex Marketing on 03 9768 4900 if you would like a photo removed or edited.