Provides a course covering to rough non-rendered masonry surfaces. Can also be applied with a broom (brooming finish), mitten (hand rubbing), and traditional bricklayers bagging process. A simple and easy to apply product that requires minimum skill level.

This texture product can be tinted or colour matched to almost any colour.

NB: Deep tone colours are not always suitable for exterior application

Additional Information

Refer to Unitex Uni-Roll Décor (Medium to coarse – 109, 110)
Unitex Cembond Substrate Sealer
Either Uni-Roll Décor 109 for fine bagging, or Unitex Uni-Roll Décor 110 for coarse bagging.

Bagging refers to the method of application.  In the case of Unitex Roll-On texture products 109 and 110, they are highly recommended to be applied with broom, distemper brush or mitten to create this economical rough cast surface.