Unitex has a proud history of partnering with Channel Nine’s ‘The Block’ Television series. 

From early days featuring Unitex’s flagship finish, Uni-Rock, to feature walls in Black Italian Granular Marble Textures, and more, Unitex has been chosen for use on The Block year after year.  With an audience in the millions, its important that products used on The Block stand up to the intense scrutiny of the viewers.  If a product fails, or doesn’t produce an amazing result, in todays climate of Social Media, a companies entire reputation can be quickly damaged.  This also reflects on the series itself.

Probably the most famous Unitex feature has been the polished concrete effect renders used as feature walls throughout most Block Series.  This finish, known as Uni-Rock or ‘glassface’ for its smooth polished appearance, has now been duplicated in a new, more flexible product, known as Tanami.  Like Uni-Rock, Tanami can be used on masonry substrates, however Tanami can be used on almost every wall type imaginable.  Not only that, but Tanami comes in a range of 14 colours.  With the choice of finishes, Unitex has the best of both worlds.

In ‘Fans vs Faves’, Unitex’ superior cladding system, Baseboard, was used to quickly construct exterior walls, where old-school brickwork would not have been possible in the timeframe allowed.  Baseboard not only allowed a quick install, but also is far superior to brick cladding due to its insulation factor values, ease of use and lightweight nature.  (Baseboard was also highly used on The Block Triple Threat, The Block 2016 biggest Rooftop Terrace)

In the latest Block Season, Unitex has been asked to repair and refresh the damaged façade of The Gatwick.  Not only did the façade need to be recoated, but the window mouldings and corbels needed replacing.  Unitex even recreated the “GATWICK’ sign on the front façade of the building as some features were completely missing.  Unitex’ long history of expertise in architectural mouldings, allowed the team to produce an exact replica of the corbels on site that were still in good condition.  Once installed, the entire façade was coated with Unitex Polymer Render, one of the strongest and most flexible acrylic renders available in Australia. 

A white, sandy finish was chosen to match the look and feel of the building, and in this case, Unitex Veneto White was used.  This Tuscan style finish can be left to weather and age over time, or, as on The Block, it can be sealed.  DrySeal provides a hydrophobic barrier on porous renders and textures, causing water to simply not stick or absorb.  This increases the lifespan of the underlying coating, but also allows for easier maintenance of the façade.

Unitex is proud to be associated with The Block, Australia’s most watched renovation show, and are looking forward to the next challenge The Block put in front of us.

While not every project is filmed in detail and requires such strict deadlines, Unitex’s range of quality products and systems can be used on any sized job, whether it be the small feature wall in an apartment, or a complete façade restoration in a Heritage listed zone.