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  1. If Unitex is specified on your site, first read and understand the Unitex Application Manuals.
  2. Involve your Unitex Technical Sales Representative from the beginning of your project.
  3. Have Unitex supplied colour, texture, and Uni-Shape® profile samples delivered to you for your client’s approvals.
  4. Use only Unitex recommended (and accredited) installers and applicators. Or have your preferred quality applicator undergo accreditation in Unitex products and systems.
  5. For CodeMark and BAL accredited Unitex® system (Unitex® Uni-Base Board) accept nil product substitution, and have Unitex® measure & deliver all system components.
  6. Ensure regular expansion joints are installed in Render & Texture Systems, and EIFS Systems.
  7. Unitex Render & Texture Systems are slow drying and need to be protected from site, and other trade, damage.

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  1. For your own security, use one manufacturer’s complete system, with nil substitution.
  2. Ensure you contact the Unitex Sales Manager in order to establish your own dedicated Unitex Technical Sales representative.
  3. Have your dedicated Unitex Technical Sales Representative provide a quote off your next plan.
  4. Become a recommended and accredited Unitex Accredited Applicator.

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Home Owner

7 Points to remember when caring for your new Unitex rendered home:

  1.  Due to the rough surface, cleaning of the surface at an early stage is often ineffective.
  2. Once the Unitex Applied Surface Finish is dry, it can be surface cleaned of airborne dusts etc with a light water hose wash. For a better clean, warm soapy water in a low pressure sprayer can be used once a year in Summer.
  3. Under no circumstances should the surface be rubbed (with a brush) or abraded.
  4. The Uni-Trowel Décor product can be over-coated at any stage with the Unitex Uni-Flex Membrane, or the Unitex Uni-PTC, in a light fast colour of your choice.
  5. A Uni-Flex membrane, or a Uni-PTC, coating is a high build flexible acrylic coating imparting a Matt effect to the wall surface.
  6. It is advised to not have garden sprayers, soil, or shrubs directly against the wall or above the damp coarse line.
  7. The above recommendation will help you in maintaining your Unitex Surface Applied Finish at its best.