With Unitex Renders and Surface Finished Coatings your walls are our pride. Unitex – Your Walls. Our Pride. Unitex products range from high-build lightweight pre-mixed dry powder-based renders to the smoothest fine skim coats.Every product has proven technological advances in polymer modification and functional additives. All Unitex Renders & Finishes have high-impact strength combines with excellent adherence to well bound, dry, sound, and laitance-free surfaces.

All Unitex Renders & Finishes are formulated to specific substrate requirements. And all are easy to apply by spray, trowel, or roller. Many of the renders utilise recycled materials that enhance the benefits but don’t compromise performance. At Unitex protecting our environment is at the cornerstone of our product development. Uni-Cote™ Renders by Unitex® are designed to be applied over surfaces including new or old brickwork, FRC sheeting, blockwork, precast panels or applications where patching, levelling or filling render is required. Base renders should always be over coated with a finish coat from the Unitex Applied Finish range. All Unitex Base Renders have high impact strength combined with excellent adherence to well bound surfaces.

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