Unitex Marble Grain

Unitex Marble Grain Texture is a premium product that gives a smooth multi-coloured glistening stone effect that enhances the style of large concrete structure externals as well as foyers and lobbies.

Available in 0.5mm or 1mm variants, Unitex Marble Grain consists of washed and graded granular marble chips of specified size to give the desired texture and natural colour mix. The marble grains are bound tightly together and glued to the substrate by a special adhesion promoted acrylic resin.

A technologically advanced and flexible product, Marble Grain is designed to be as durable as it is stylish. It can be mixed for a variety of looks and accents and creates a tough, impact-resistant finish for both internal and external walls.

In an easy to carry pail, Unitex® Marble Grain covers 3m2 and 7m2 per coat, depending on coarseness.

Unitex Marble Grain is available in a range of naturally obtainable stone colour finishes.
Size: 15L pail
Coverage: 3-3.5m2 (coarse) or 6-7m2 (fine)
Suitable for: Unitex Specialty Renders
Top Coat: Uni-Substrate Sealer (2 Coats)
Apply with: Trowel
Safe Use: Refer to the SDS

Fine Colours (0.5mm)

Italian Black





Coarse Colours (1mm)

Italian Black