Tanami Polished Concrete Finish

Unitex Tanami Unitex® Tanami is a premium product that gives the appearance of a polished plaster ‘moving’ wall. Inspired by the Tanami Desert in Northern Australia, an Indigenous protected area known as Kukatja and Walpiri country, Unitex Tanami takes inspiration from the feeling of the arid, constantly changing, and beautifully [...]

Tanami Polished Concrete Finish2021-09-20T15:05:52+10:00

Marble Grain Texture

Unitex Marble Grain Unitex Marble Grain Texture is a premium product that gives a smooth multi-coloured glistening stone effect that enhances the style of large concrete structure externals as well as foyers and lobbies. Available in 0.5mm or 1mm variants, Unitex Marble Grain consists of washed and graded granular [...]

Marble Grain Texture2021-09-20T16:20:24+10:00

Trowel On Dry Texture

Unitex Trowel-Applied Dry Textures Unitex Trowel-Applied Dry Textures are dry, powder-based products. They are a cement modified, polymer-based blend of fine marble, quality-graded mineral and polymeric additives to provide a 100% active product. On-site, all that has to be added is water to provide a ready-to-apply finish. Unitex Applied [...]

Trowel On Dry Texture2021-09-20T15:02:24+10:00

Bagging Finish

Unitex Bagging Finish Unitex bagging finish textures are applied by broom, mitten or distemper brush to achieve a rough cast effect. Our products prioritize ease of application without sacrificing on quality or style. Bagging Finished Textures are acrylic-bound textured coatings designed for commercial and residential exterior walls. A one [...]

Bagging Finish2021-10-17T02:31:12+11:00

Veneto Mineral Coloured Finish

Unitex Veneto Veneto Mineral Coloured Finishes are pre-coloured exterior wall finishing products designed to produce a stylish aged look. Available in a range of warm and earth colours, moderate weathering will bring out subtle shade differences in these exterior wall finishes to quickly produce an aged patina that adds character and [...]

Veneto Mineral Coloured Finish2021-09-20T14:04:27+10:00

Polished Concrete Finish (Uni-Rock)

Designed specifically for skim coating of prepared masonry surfaces to yield a polished smooth and decorative feature wall (internal and external). Can be beeswaxed coated for internal feature walls staining and gloss level effects.  The Unitex finish made famous on Channel Nine's 'The Block'. Available in four unique colours: White Off White Grey Dark [...]

Polished Concrete Finish (Uni-Rock)2019-08-09T10:16:31+10:00

Trowel On Texture

Unitex Trowel-Applied Textures Unitex's range of Trowel-Applied Textured Finishes are tintable wall finishing products designed to produce a variety of exterior and interior styles. Our Trowel-Applied Texture Finishes are available in varying grades of coarseness and glossiness and can be tinted to almost any colour. This gives premium flexibility [...]

Trowel On Texture2021-10-11T14:18:38+11:00

Roll On Texture

Unitex Roll-On Textures Unitex roll-on textures are generally applied by spaghetti roller to achieve a gentle peaked effect. However, they can also be spray applied to give a smoother finish or to reduce the application time on larger jobs. Our roll-on products prioritize ease of application without sacrificing on [...]

Roll On Texture2021-09-20T15:09:39+10:00


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