Flexible Polished Concrete Finish (Tanami)

Unitex® Tanami is a premium product that gives the appearance of a polished plaster ‘moving’ wall. In a tribute to the Australian Indigenous people, this product is named after one of the most important land masses to the Aboriginal people, as 10,000,000 hectares (25,000,000 acres) of the Tanami Desert area (38% of the total [...]

Flexible Polished Concrete Finish (Tanami)2019-09-16T13:00:11+10:00

Marble Grain Texture

Naturally coloured marble chip in a clear acrylic matrix, giving a surface marble-chip stone effect wall finish. Trowelled to a smooth closed finish. Available in two grades (0.5mm and 1mm). Marble chips of the differing natural stone colours can be mixed to produce unique shades and effects. Must be uniform undercoated to a similar [...]

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Trowel On Dry Texture

Trowel applied dry powder finish coats which require the mixing of water on site. Uni-Cote Textures provide the textured effect with the Uni-PTC top coat, or Uni-Flex membrane, to provide the colour. The Uni-Cote Dry Powder Texture range separate texture from colour and therefore is ideal in weather/temperature conditions where it may be difficult [...]

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Bagging Finish

Provides a course covering to rough non-rendered masonry surfaces. Can also be applied with a broom (brooming finish), mitten (hand rubbing), and traditional bricklayers bagging process. A simple and easy to apply product that requires minimum skill level. This texture product can be tinted or colour matched to almost any colour. NB: Deep tone [...]

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Polished Concrete Finish (Uni-Rock)

Designed specifically for skim coating of prepared masonry surfaces to yield a polished smooth and decorative feature wall (internal and external). Can be beeswaxed coated for internal feature walls staining and gloss level effects.  The Unitex finish made famous on Channel Nine's 'The Block'. Available in four unique colours: White Off White Grey Dark [...]

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Trowel On Texture

There are several grades of varying coarseness to select: 146 (Fine grain, low-build coat) 333 (Fine sand finish, low-build coat) 500 (fine to medium grain glossy finish) 888 (medium marble grain finish, medium-build coat) 777 (medium marble grain finish, medium-build coat) 107 (fine to medium scratch coat, low-build coat) 104 (1mm marble scratch coat [...]

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Roll On Texture

Generally applied with a spaghetti roller to produce a gentle-peaked texture finish. The two grades available provide a medium finish (109) or a heavy texture finish (110). Unitex Heavy Texture 110 finish sometimes referred to as Tyrolean finish is roller applied and just prior to drying the peaks are trowelled off producing a clean [...]

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