Unitex is proud to be a major sponsor of The Block yet again for 2018. 
This year, Unitex’s unique products and systems have been used to repair the badly damaged Gatwick Apartment facade, and turn it into a beautiful display of Melbourne Architecture.  With architectural mouldings, and cutting edge render/texture/sealer coatings The Gatwick will look stunning for many years to come.  
'This was the ugliest building in St Kilda, and now look at it'
‘This was the ugliest building in St Kilda, and now look at it’

It’s been hiding behind scaffolding all season, but now the grandest reveal on The Block is finally here. Yes, in all her glory, The Gatwick’s exterior has been unveiled and all that’s missing is a bow.

With fresh and bright rendering, The Block has breathed new life into the once rundown hotel, and as you can see in the video above, our Blockheads are proud as punch of the historic building they’ve spent months working on.


The Gatwick just a few short months ago.


Amazing what a lick of paint can do.

Not only is it pretty as a picture outside, the removal of The Gatwick’s scaffolding and tarpaulins means the all-important interiors are now flooded with natural light. 

“Can you believe we worked on this?” a nostalgic Hans asks Courtney.

“No,” she replies. “And we’re still working on it.”

That they are. Back to the grind, kids.


Fireplaces can be the central focus of a home.  In the current cold snap of Melbourne, the family can sit around a toasty warm fire, and build memories.

Anyone who visits this particular home, will surely have a memory of one of the most beautiful fireplaces around.  Rendered, then finished with Unitex’s hugely popular Uni-Rock Deep Grey.

Project completed by Xclusive Surfaces.


Iconic Columns

The site at the corner of Victoria and Burnley streets, Richmond, is certainly iconic.

A regular, square glass building would not do for such a location!  When the architect designed the smooth flowing curves of this building, he wanted columns that were equally custom made, curvaceous and attractive as the rest of the building.  Unitex’s in-house team ‘stepped up to the plate’ and combined to create the asymmetrical, oversized columns used to great effect along the pedestrian frontage of the building.

The columns were hand made by staff with combined decades of experience in producing high-quality profiles and columns that not only look the part, but stand the test of time.

Unitex can create mouldings & columns for just about any architectural project, but also has a huge range of stock mouldings & columns.  Our in-house designers, draftsmen and technical representatives make the process easy.

When a local Buddhist Temple wanted to expand, and create a new landmark in the Springvale area, their builder turned to Unitex expertise to create bespoke moulds, custom designed and made in Unitex Head Office, Dandenong.


Working closely with the building team, the owners, and Unitex’s network of installers, the plan came together and the previously non-descript building turned into the spectacular multi-level temple.  Unitex’s in-house expertise and processes are unmatched in Australia, and provide building professionals and owners with the confidence to create stunning custom designs with the knowledge that Unitex will follow the project through to completion, with great attention to detail and consultation throughout the entire process.

Unitex prides itself on quality products, supported by expert staff.  Projects such as this are an example of Unitex’s market-leading approach to working with local builders.

Author: Nate Ward, Digital Marketing Manager, Unitex.

As reported by ABC News, a historic church in Newport was damaged by strong winds: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-10-01/damaged-church-in-newport-2jpg/4991670


A local resident had booked in a wedding at the church, which has been used by her family for three generations.  With only weeks until the wedding, the bride to be was more than worried!

With unique, hand crafted design features destroyed and left in small fragments, Unitex was contacted to come to the rescue.

Unitex’s in house experts carefully examined the remains and project managed the repairs to the brickwork whilst the broken mouldings were recreated with cutting edge modern day materials and processes. With very little to go on, the team at Unitex has faithfully recreated a very close replica of the original and the results speak for themselves.


The repairs were miraculously completed in time, and the bride was able to enjoy wedding photo’s in front of the previously destroyed church façade.

Unitex is Australia’s leading Architectural Profiles & Columns manufacturer.  With a large range of stock items, and bespoke made to order products available.  Contact our team to discuss your projects requirements!



Unitex bends the rules to spectacular effect with Uni-Base Board

Architects are constantly trying to create the latest design or that ‘something different’. When Michael Farhat, Project Manager for Onsite Construction Group, took one look at this $2 million Bronte home design he knew he had a challenge on his hands. How to achieve that curved wall?

“We considered timber and fibro cladding but were worried about moisture as Bronte is on the coast, masonry was out of the question, as was concrete and formwork,” said Michael. The architect suggested looking into lightweight cladding products so Michael called Unitex® technical sales consultant, John Da Silva, in. John loves a challenge and had recently created a curving tower for a recent project using Uni-Base Board® and knew he could find a solution for the Bronte home too. The Uni-Base Board system, part of the Uni-EIFS™ range, is a low build insulation cladding system.

Ordinarily Uni-Base Board is available in a standard size of 1200 mm x 2400 mm at the required thickness for the thermal comfort specified for the project (generally 50 mm, 75 mm or 100 mm). On this project the design team at Unitex used the system to create three custom shapes to fit the curved wall design.

“Unitex can do anything” John proudly claims, “it just took a bit of thinking and co-ordination between the architect, the builders and the factory and we were able to customise the Uni-Base Board system to achieve the design”. John makes it sound easy and according to Michael his solution did prove to be quicker, more cost effective and straightforward than he imagined.

“The lead time was only a couple of weeks,” Michael claims, “then when the materials arrived it was only 1or 2 days to install, render and complete.”

The seamless, curved finish pleased even the architect who specified that no joins or lines be visible. The crisp, white Uni-PTC protective topcoat will please the owners who will enjoy the low-maintenance, water and sun resistant finish for years to come.