Building with columns and pilasters dates back to the early temples built in Egypt between 283 and 47BC. The tradition of columns and pilasters as structural elements continued prominently in ancient Greek and Roman times. Unitex has developed their columns and pilasters for today’s Specifiers and builders that are quick and easy to install.

Unitex Uni-Shape® Architectural Columns and Pilasters are made from a lightweight centre with a reinforced coating of pure resins and cementicious minerals. Strong but lightweight our columns are easy to install in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications. For load bearing applications, less than 100 mm x 100 mm steel or timber post is required, please refer to Columns fixing guide for more information or contact Unitex.

Unitex Uni-Shape® Architectural Columns and Pilasters are available in Standard, Tapered or Fluted designs and a variety of Capitals and Bases to suit all architectural styles. Unitex Uni-Shape® Architectural Columns and Pilasters arrive ready to use in the standard grey cement finish.

Available sizes (in 3m lengths), with internal void 100mm x 100mm. Custom void available on request.


Product code Description Base dia (mm) Top dia (mm) Approx Mass (kg/m) Downloads
 tapered column CT260 Tapered Column 260 210 11 DWG | PDF
 tapered column CT350 Tapered Column 350 290 26 DWG | PDF
 straight column CS260 Straight Column 260 260 12 DWG | PDF
 straight column CS350 Straight Column 350 350 18 DWG | PDF