The Unitex® Uni-Shape® Arches and Sweep adornments can add a striking feature to what might otherwise be a relatively featureless wall. A Unitex® Uni-Shape® Arch can break up the flat rectangular surface with a graceful curve perhaps highlighting the curve of the top of a window or doorframe. A Unitex® Uni-Shape® Sweep hugs the surface of a curved wall emphasising this architectural change.

Since the size wanted, the angle of curvature desired and the length required vary from one design to the next, these Mouldings are bespoke products. At Unitex® we have years of experience in the design and manufacture of Uni-Shape® Sweep and Arches. So, if you don’t have a particular design in mind, we can show you some examples of our handiwork to stimulate your thoughts on how you can use these striking features. Contact us here for further details or to set up a meeting with our design team.

Once you have made your selection of your Unitex® Uni-Shape® Arch and/or Sweep, please fill in the details in this template so that we can manufacture the Unitex® Uni-Shape® Arch and/or Sweep to your precise specification. A site accurate option is to measure off and send your full-scale template to your dedicated Unitex Technical Sales Representative prior to manufacture.


Unitex_pdf Unitex_pdf
 Sweep Template  Arch Template