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Unitex Render Warehouse

Unitex is proudly an Australian manufacturer, utilising local technology with our own in-house chemists, designing innovative products suitable for the Australian market. A family owned business, with the founding directors continuing to lead the company with innovative product lines. Unitex is considered by Australia-wide industry experts as the premier product coatings system for external façades. This has been achieved by a 30 year history of coatings, mouldings and insulation cladding (Unitex Base Board – awarded BRAC, BRANZ and CodeMark accreditation’s) for award winning commercial and housing projects nation wide. 

Our customers value the technical on-site expertise of our in-house trained Technical Sales staff. Along with over 50 years knowledge and hands-on experience from the senior team, this know-how assures our customers of guaranteed first class quality and service across the entire product range.