Superior systems, superior service and now a superior website – Unitex sets the path again!

Unitex has launched what is set to be the most functional and engaging website for its’ customers, and the broader market, that has ever been seen in the Australian building manufacturing industry, adding to its’ already superior service and product offering.   Unitex National Sales & Marketing Director, Siska Concannon explains that “the website has [...]

Superior systems, superior service and now a superior website – Unitex sets the path again!2015-04-07T13:17:34+10:00

Unitex and Revit – the perfect partnership

Unitex has recently launched its’ superior range of Architectural Mouldings and Columns, as well as the Australian markets’ highly accredited cladding system, the Unitex Baseboard System, onto the market leading Architectural 3D modelling software - Revit.   As the market leader in Architectural Mouldings and Columns, Unitex through Revit has provided the Architectural and Building [...]

Unitex and Revit – the perfect partnership2015-04-07T13:18:56+10:00

December, Deregulation and Dust

Author: Siska Concannon, Marketing Manager, Unitex. Is it really that time of year again? Ensue headache…why not, may as well start early. In case you thought otherwise, I’m not even talking about Christmas. It’s that time of year when people are either winding down or beyond manic, more so the latter these days. Being in [...]

December, Deregulation and Dust2013-09-24T16:05:25+10:00

To Renovate or Sell…That is the question

Author: Siska Concannon, Marketing Manager, Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd Whether it is where Australians work, shop, play or live the Building and Construction Industry performs an integral role in Australia’s economic development and is highly responsive to trends in the business cycle and household spending. With manufacturing constituting 8.75% of the Australian workforce, third [...]

To Renovate or Sell…That is the question2013-09-24T16:04:57+10:00

The WOW Factor

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend one of the biggest horse racing events on the Australian calendar – Melbourne Cup. Now, there are not many out there (possibly slightly more females than males) that have left organizing their ‘look’ till now…alas I fall into that minority. Whilst on any other occasion this [...]

The WOW Factor2013-09-24T16:04:32+10:00

Carbon Tax…and Underground Homes

After watching what could only be the 1,000,000th repeat of Roland Emmerich’s ‘Independence Day’ it got me thinking about our little planet and the possibility of having to live in bunkers to escape evil alien spawns. Not really, but it did get me thinking about what future we are leaving our children and our children’s children. [...]

Carbon Tax…and Underground Homes2014-05-12T11:02:22+10:00

Big Brother comes to Melbourne suburbia

Author: Siska Concannon, Marketing Manager, Unitex Granular Marble P/L I was struck by an article a colleague presented to me this week (Barclay, A, Boroondara Review Local, ‘Council outlaws mock mansions’, October 03, 2012) on the Boroondara councils unanimous ban on rooflines to, in short, discourage neo-Georgian and French provincial houses from being constructed in [...]

Big Brother comes to Melbourne suburbia2013-09-24T16:02:48+10:00

The Bronti Project

Unitex bends the rules to spectacular effect with Uni-Base Board Architects are constantly trying to create the latest design or that 'something different'. When Michael Farhat, Project Manager for Onsite Construction Group, took one look at this $2 million Bronte home design he knew he had a challenge on his hands. How to achieve that [...]

The Bronti Project2014-05-12T10:57:24+10:00

Unitex Baseboard system awarded BAL-29

Unitex Uni-Base Board System has achieved BAL-29 and has cemented itself as Australia’s most protected cladding system on the market.   The Unitex Uni-Base Board System (BAL 29) is accredited to pass Bushfire Attack Level 29. This is a new Base Board system for Unitex, based on the existing non-cavity Uni-Base Board system, that must [...]

Unitex Baseboard system awarded BAL-292014-05-12T10:37:26+10:00

Quality v Price – The two heavyweights go head to head…

Author: Siska Concannon, Marketing Manager. Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd It has long been established that price is the tangible recognition of value – you wouldn’t expect to pay $10 for a Tiffany ring, in fact if you saw that price you would debate the authenticity and thus would surmise it to be a fake…to [...]

Quality v Price – The two heavyweights go head to head…2014-05-12T10:35:55+10:00

The superior cladding system achieves BAL-40

Unitex Uni-Base Board BAL-40 System has been awarded the highest Bush Fire Attack Level accreditation for polystyrene cladding systems, BAL-40. This is a tremendous addition to the already highly accredited and leading cladding system in Australia, the Unitex Uni-Base Board System.   Unitex Managing Director and Technical Director was overjoyed with this result, but has [...]

The superior cladding system achieves BAL-402014-05-12T10:33:31+10:00

New Unitex Website Launched!

Unitex is proud to launch the new website for 2013. With product ratings, online forums, and product libraries, Unitex extends its lead in providing cutting edge building solutions. Contact our team to discuss your project requirements!

New Unitex Website Launched!2014-05-12T10:28:47+10:00

Unitex acquires The Render Warehouse

The Render Warehouse which has been recognised by Applicators as a quality partner and supplier of render products has unfortunately gone into liquidation. With the assets and brand having been purchased out of liquidation by Unitex Granular Marble Pty Ltd. We wish to assure all customers that it will be business as usual for both [...]

Unitex acquires The Render Warehouse2014-05-12T10:26:59+10:00

Q&A interview on BRAC Accreditation

Q&A with: (above right) Andrew Concannon, Unitex Managing Director and (above left) Peter Roberts, Unitex Research & Development Manager. Interviewed by: Sally Parrott, Freelance Writer. What makes Unitex Base Board ‘waterproof’ – is it the Unitex Polymer Render, the Uniflex membrane, the Uni-shape sealant used to seal joints, Adhesive foam to sheet the junctions....Or is [...]

Q&A interview on BRAC Accreditation2014-05-12T10:25:03+10:00

Unitex Base Board BRANZ accreditation

Unitex®, Australia’s first manufacturer of EIFS (External Insulating Finishing Systems), is proud to announce that they have been awarded BRANZ accreditation for the impressive Unitex Base Board Cavity System. BRANZ Appraisals are independent and unbiased assessments of building products, materials and systems. Products are assessed for Building Code compliance and fitness for purpose. As well [...]

Unitex Base Board BRANZ accreditation2014-05-12T10:23:25+10:00